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Trade Show Magician: Tips for Hiring a Corporate Magician

Updated: Apr 11

Trade Show Magician Amazes Guests at Corporate Event in Las Vegas

Options for a Trade Show Magician?

When considering booking a magician for corporate events you’ll need to have an idea of whether your event would benefit from a stage show, strolling magic, or a combination of both. Below you’ll find a brief explanation and the different applications for each. Your entertainment professional will be able to make suggestions to assist in finding the right solution for you.

Strolling Magic

A trade show magician is perfect for entertaining guests during dinner, cocktail hour, receptions, or anytime guests are mingling. Your performer will roam the event engaging guests with amazing magic that’s both interactive and highly visual. Best of all, no stage or special setup is required. A corporate magician can typically work in any environment making this an easy option for those looking to add exciting entertainment where downtime may be present.

Stage Magic

Looking for something everyone can enjoy together? You’ll be excited to learn most shows can be tailored for groups of any size. From small conference rooms to large banquet halls, these fast-paced shows combine amazing predictions, visual illusions, and audience participation that will delight and astonish your entire group.

Pro Tip: When you book a show, find out if strolling magic can be added before the main show. This is a great way to get added value since the performer will already be attending your event.

Trade Show Magician Videos

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video will say it all. Be sure your magician or mentalist has plenty of real-world footage from different events and performing environments. These videos along with past client testimonials will assist you in hiring the right entertainer for your event. When watching a demo reel does the performer speak clearly? Are they charismatic? What are the audience reactions like? Are people smiling, laughing, and captivated by the magic? Keep an eye out for these signs of a seasoned entertainer.

Follow your gut!

It should be noted that every corporate magician has a different performance style and energy to their personality. Think about who will be in attendance at your event, what interests them, and if you could envision your potential performer interacting with your guests.

The best way to gauge this is to speak on the phone with the entertainer. You will quickly get a sense of their personality by how they interact with you. This will help determine if they are a good fit for your event.

For assistance with booking professional entertainment for your next event, visit the contact page for more information.


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