R e v i e w s

-We bring Spencer back year after year when we need an entertainer who can rock the crowd, no matter what the event. - Martha, Hilton Hotels

-Spencer has unique qualities that cannot be learned or duplicated, his personality and flair - Martin Bach, Serro


-The event was a hit! Spencer was professional, fun and got the crowd involved in a ~45 min show. It was truly a great experience and I'd definitely work with him for future events. - Shinal L. 

-My only complaint was that I wanted to see more of him! –Brittney C, The Art Boutiki


-My friend hired Spencer to entertain at our wedding reception, it was the greatest gift we received! Katie W.

-You were a big hit! Thanks for an amazing evening! – The Tech Museum

-We absolutely loved having you, the party was a success and everyone loved you! – Marijana S, Private Party

-Everyone at Stryker is still talking about our event on Friday, you were definitely a HIT! Jordan Simleness , Stryker

-Thank you for making our gathering the most memorable one in 15 years. - Cynthia Black, Rising Phoenix 

-We absolutely LOVED having you. We can’t stop talking about your magic! – Erica Trevino, EBay Headquarters



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