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Enchanting Success: Magician for Corporate Event

Updated: Apr 9

Magician for Corporate Event on Stage with Volunteers

Welcome back, friends. Today we are talking about magicians at corporate events in 2024. Why you should have them, what makes them unique, and overall, why they can be a huge benefit to your event. A lot of great information is about to be shared here, so make sure you read through to the end to get the most out of today’s blog.

The 2024 event season has arrived and corporate events are kicking off. There is an always-evolving landscape of new activities happening and so much to be excited for. If you're an event planner, or coordinator, or work in the office and you're in charge of an event, we're going to talk a little bit about the power that a magician can have in making your event memorable.

Most consider Magicians or Mind readers as something reserved for celebratory events like a holiday or appreciation party, however, it’s important to remember that work-related events can benefit too. A magician is a great tool to use to excite people, break the ice, and get employees motivated about what they're working on.

Magician for Corporate Event - Spencer Grey

Let's talk about how captivating magic can be and why it's such an important tool that you should have in your arsenal. Firstly, it sets the tone for a unique experience by providing something you normally don’t see in the workplace. The buzz we hear is consistently about innovation and trying new things, so why not let that extend into magic? The best part is that you don’t have to have a large presentation or anything of that nature. It can be something more subtle. Often, I’ll be brought into the office during a meeting as a way to spice things up. You don’t need a party as an excuse to get creative with your meeting’s agenda. 

Magic is a fun way for people to loosen up, get excited, and then get into a meeting. They’ll be in the mood to participate because they've just experienced something jaw-dropping and will have shaken off the cobwebs so to speak, thus making them more likely to participate. Breaking the ice and building connections is a way that magicians can benefit your event. Magicians are the masters of social dynamics. We're pros at walking into a room, introducing ourselves, and just getting the event going with something amazing, unique, and interactive. A lot of people have never seen a magician before, apart from maybe YouTube or online somewhere, but in-person magic? Now that’s something to talk about. 

Creating a Dynamic and Immersive Experience

I am still blown away to this day by how many people say to me after I perform, wow that was amazing! I've never actually seen this in person. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Be careful not to overlook the power that a magician can have as a tool for your event because again, so many people have not experienced magic. When it's time to get into the meeting or your team building or project, you’ll find they're already excited to do so and that part of their brain is already working. So let the magician be the warm-up for them. Allow the magician to guide them into that state of mind where they're open and ready to participate. I promise you, you will see a change. It happens every time.

Using Magic to Facilitate Networking and Relationship-Building

Another great tool that magic can be used as is a way to facilitate networking and relationship building. Magicians are great at breaking the ice and creating a safe space for people to open up and become comfortable around each other. 

I’m often asked if magicians can tailor their performances to suit an event's objective or theme. And the answer is yes! Magicians are great at customizing their material making it unique and one of a kind to your event. Magic can be used as the vehicle to make your service or product stand out. This works by getting people excited about what your service is, and what you're doing, and illustrating the different possibilities. Magicians are fantastic at tailoring their magic to make sure your objective stays in the spotlight.

Enhancing Employee Morale and Team Spirit

I spoke a little bit about this at the very beginning of the blog, but enhancing employee morale, and team spirit, is a powerful effect magic can have in the workplace. It's not just great for networking and getting people excited, but ideal for team building events, before or after a meeting, or a fun way to say thank you and show appreciation. So regardless of the sort of event that you're having, consider a magician or mind reader, you won’t be disappointed. 

Choosing the Right Magician for Corporate Event

You might be asking yourself this, Spencer, how do I choose the right magician for my event? Well, you always want to consider multiple options when you're hiring a magician for a couple of different reasons. One, the performer that you want may not be available on your preferred date. It also can come down to your budget. But of course, I always say, you get what you pay for. So if you want a high-quality and polished performer who is just going to wow everybody, you're going to pay a little bit more, but it is, of course, worth it. 

Let’s look at some additional details you’ll want to keep in mind. Where is this happening? Is it in the office? Are we booking a venue? Is it at a banquet room or a hotel? You’ll want to figure out whether it's going to be a show or whether it's going to be close-up entertainment. Is it before a meeting or in between a meeting? Again, these are all things that you're going to want to discuss with the performer when you start the booking process. I always suggest hopping on a phone call. It's a great way to get a dialog started, discuss your needs, and then the performer will be able to give suggestions on what works. Trust their advice and work with them to communicate what you're looking for and what your vision is. 

It's always great to see a demo video of some sort. Most magicians will have what's called a promo reel or a sizzle reel to showcase past performances. It's always great to see a demo video of some sort. It’s ideal for gauging the experience level of the performers and what they have to offer.

Tips for Seamless Integration of Magic into Corporate Events

Here are a couple of tips for the seamless integration of magic into your event. I would recommend collaborating with the magician during the event planning stage. You're going to want to keep them in the loop on what's going on. For example, is the magic happening before or after dinner, or do you want it during? If you prefer the magic to happen during dinner, make sure you express this to the performer. And a lot of the time it's as easy as just filling them in on the overall agenda for the evening.

A show on the other hand requires more detail in terms of lighting, sound, and a few other elements for staging the performance. Be sure you're keeping your performer in the loop, communicating the event objectives, and any themes you have planned. Another bonus is the more information you give a performer, the more they're able to customize their magic to fit the theme or objective of your event. So again, keeping them in the loop is so important to ensure a cohesive flow between the magic and the other elements in the event.

 Finally, Let’s recap Magic in Corporate Events for 2024

All right, friends, we've reached the end. We did it! Thanks for sticking with me on this one. Hopefully, you absorbed some helpful tips from this read. One more time, let’s review the main takeaways from this post. Magic for corporate events has proven to be a powerful and transformative addition that you can bring into your event space.

It's a great way to get employees and guests to loosen up and get excited about the event as a whole. It doesn't matter whether this is a celebratory event, a work-related event, or a meeting of any kind. People have a lot on their shoulders. Any time you can get them excited about what they're working on or just give them a little bit of entertainment on the side, it’s going to be a great way to boost morale overall.

Hopefully, this gave you some insight into magicians and mentalists for your upcoming event. If you have any questions or are curious about booking entertainment for your next event. As always, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks again so much for reading and I will see you on the next one. Cheers.


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