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Amazing Grad Night Magicians In San Francisco - The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Apr 11

Woman amazed by Grad Night Magician in San Francisco

Welcome back! Let’s Talk About Grad Night Magicians in San Francisco

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog. My name is Spencer Grey, and today we are talking about popular activities for Grad Night celebrations. Specifically, how hiring a Magician to entertain students can be a stand-out way to celebrate the graduating class. Grad Night can be referred to in a couple of different ways, Safe and Sober Night or Sober Grad Night. However you spin it, it’s considered a rite of passage and a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for the graduating seniors. In this article, we’ll be exploring why I recommend this specific entertainment activity and how it can give your graduating class a truly unique experience. It is a terrific way to close out the high school journey and go out with a bang!  So without any further ado, let's get into it. 

Magic as Entertainment for Grad Night in San Francisco


Entertainment has become a staple of Grad Night celebrations. I've seen everything from fire dancers to gymnasts, singers, and even improv groups. So many wonderful performers and live acts bring joy to the students, and Magicians are on the list. You might be surprised to learn that many students have never seen one of these performers in person apart from on TikTok, YouTube, social media, or TV. When the phones come out and the students start recording, that’s how you know something special is happening. What makes Magicians so great for Grad Night? Well, it's a unique stand-out activity that is different from traditional entertainment options. Magic just has that wonder factor that can’t be duplicated by anything else. This entertainment activity is not just for the students, it’s also for the teachers, staff, parent volunteers, and everyone who's working so hard to put together the event.

What’s the difference between Magicians and Mentalists?

Both are considered to be under the magic umbrella. Magicians are a little bit more visual. A lot of folks imagine Magicians with colorful scarves, bunny rabbits, and a top hat. While often retaining this cliche of being geared specifically towards children, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are of course gifted children’s performers. However, there are many Magicians who specialize in magic for teens and adults, and even corporate events. So don't let the idea of a magician fool you into thinking that it's not for the students. It is! You just have to hire the right one. 

Now, let’s talk about Mentalists who can be thought of as Magicians of the mind. While their magic is less visual, the excitement comes from what's going on in your mind and the mentalist’s ability to reveal your thoughts. You’re going to see a lot of mind reading, prediction tricks, and mystery envelopes that will reveal information the Mentalist couldn’t possibly know. The Mentalist is telling the students exactly what they're thinking. Sounds exciting, right? I love it when I'm entertaining at a Grad Night and I get to approach students and say, Hey, I'm Spencer, I'm the entertainment tonight. Want to have your mind read? Their eyes just light up and they are so excited! 

What Services do Grad Night Magicians in San Francisco Offer? 

Both Mentalists and Magicians are going to offer show options as well as strolling or roaming entertainment. A show is typically a communal experience shared by all of the students. I often offer performances where all the students gather in the theater or auditorium for one big show. It’s a great way to get everybody together for a shared experience. Typically at a Grad Night, everyone splits off to take part in different activities within smaller friend groups. But if we can at some point during the evening get everyone together to share an experience, that for them is something memorable. In addition, this is a very appealing activity for the event organizers. Typically, the Grad Night committee will want to do something where everyone is involved. Bringing everyone into the auditorium and giving them an amazing show is a fantastic activity to involve all of the students. 

One recommendation for putting on a show at your Grad Night is to do it indoors. Typically, a lot of the activities are going to be held outside or there may be a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. I always suggest if you have an indoor venue, a theater, an auditorium, or a gymnasium, take advantage of that space for an indoor performance.

Where do I Find a Magician for Grad Night?

So you may be asking yourself, Spencer, you've got us excited. So how do we go about finding the right one? You’ll be relieved to learn that most Magicians for Grad Night are willing to travel an hour or two to your school. You won’t necessarily need to book somebody in your city. For myself, I travel all over the Bay Area where I'm based, and even a little bit further. San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and Monterey CA are just a few of my frequented cities where I perform at Grad Night events

If we're looking for a performer we're of course going to be checking online, that’s a great place to start. Google is still the number one way people find me and similar performers. It’s as simple as a quick Google search that should include details such as the words Magician, grad night, and your city. You'll find Magicians pop up fairly quickly for performers in your area. Sounds simple enough, right? 

How Much Does A Grad Night Magician Cost?

Next, let’s talk about an important aspect of every grad night committee, the cost. Pricing can vary depending on your city and state. In the Bay Area and neighboring cities, expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 - $2,500 for a quality performer. This price range will depend on the service, the number of hours they are performing, and whether they’ll be providing a show, strolling magic, or both. Magicians are quite popular for Grad Night parties, so it’s key to start your search early to ensure you get exactly who you want and secure a quality performer.

Final Thoughts 

Wrapping things up with our final thoughts. Again, most high school students have never seen this amazing performance art in person. The benefit to having a performer like this at Grad Night is that you're giving everybody a unique experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. Magicians are masters at creating a buzz of excitement. It truly is the perfect party activity. 

Hopefully, this information has provided you with some helpful insight that will help make your search for Grad Night entertainment that much easier. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through my website at I would of course be excited to appear at your school’s upcoming Grad Night celebration.  Again, thanks so much for tuning in. And as always, I will see you on the next one. Cheers.


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