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Strolling Package

  • Interactive magic and mind reading performed close-up

  • Book by the hour (1 Hr. Minimum)

  • No setup or special seating required

  • Perfect for cocktail hour, reception, or during dinner

  • Expertly designed to break the ice and create an exciting environment 

SGM Wedding PICS.jpg

Show Package

  • Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience

  • Includes audience participation, visual magic, and mind reading.

  • Choose between 30 or 50-minute show lengths

  • No need to set up, Spencer brings everything

  • Mic and sound system included for groups up to 100 guests

SGM Wedding PICS.jpg

Pro Package  Strolling + Show

  • Full entertainment solution for your event

  • 1 Hr. Strolling magic and Mentalism performed close-up 

  • Your choice of 30 or 50-minute Magic & Mentalism Show

  • Mic and sound system included for groups up to 100 guests

  • Customized material designed by Spencer himself!

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