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Anniversaries, Dinner Parties, Social Gatherings, Reunions, Showers, Graduations, & More

Celebrating an anniversary? How about a dinner party with friends or coworkers? Or perhaps your looking to gift a graduate with a special experience to say congratulations. Spencer now makes house calls and is excited to offer his signature brand of comedy and magic at your home! Turn your living room or backyard into an intimate magic experience that will mystify your guests. There are endless ways to incorporate magic into your party whether it's close-up illusions or a high energy stand up show for the whole group. Best of all, Spencer customizes his magic to suit your unique party by incorporating the guest of honor's name, specials messages, and even announcements. 



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Close up magic during your party

Creating a fun and exciting atmosphere, your friends and family will be treated to a variety of up close miracles much like the ones you see on TV. Spencer takes his time visiting each group for an experience that feels both casual and organic. His impossible feats of magic are guaranteed to baffle even the most skeptic of your friends.


Give your guests a unique experience they won't see anywhere else with highlights that include vanishing and reappearing objects, mind reading, audience participation, and Spencer's impossible feat of fusing a full sized Rubik's Cube into a glass bottle.


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Stand up show for your entire group

The stand up show combines a variety visual magic and audience participation all guaranteed to keep your guests amazed and astonished for the entire ride. This special performance is a great bonding opportunity for your whole group as Spencer effortlessly weaves his magic and showmanship into a colorful show of spectacular entertainment.


A chosen page vanishes from a book and reappears in a guest's pocket, signed objects appear inside of fruit, and finally, Spencer breaks the magician's code reveling his closely kept secrets leaving everyone with the power to perform amazing magic of their own.

" A wonderful evening with family accompanied by lovely magic, special thanks to you Spencer!" - Claire G. 

Commonly Asked Questions

How much space is needed for the show?

The show can be set up with minimal space either indoors or outdoors. Spencer can adapt the show to fit within your space requirements however an area of 6' by 6' is generally ideal with enough space for guests to sit comfortably around. 

What needs to be provided for the show?

The show is completely self-contained meaning there is no additional effort on your end to provide a table or special stage. Spencer's show packs small and plays big making it the perfect option to entertain your entire group regardless of space. For larger groups, a small self-powered PA system is provided at no additional charge.

Can we film and take photos during the magic?

Absolutely! Spencer actually encourages photos and video recording of his magic as way to capture and remember the experience. As a full time professional, Spencer's magic and illusions can be replayed on video and guests will still be left wondering how he did it. At the end of the show, Spencer is happy to take a photo with your entire group making for a great way to share your experience on Facebook or Instagram.

How does close up magic work?

Spencer will make his way around your party performing a variety of up close illusions and sleight of hand. Your guests can be eating dinner, enjoying drinks, or simply catching up as Spencer works his way to each group making sure everyone is entertained along the way!

Can we book both strolling magic and a show? 

Yes! In fact this is the most popular option. The close up strolling magic typically starts first while guests mingle, this is then followed by the big show. By the time the show begins, your guests will be buzzing with anticipation making for a great finale and spellbinding conclusion!

Didn't see your question answered? Contact Spencer to find out more information about your upcoming event.

"Spencer was an absolute delight, thank you so much for a great show. We highly recommend this magician!" - Malachy S. 


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“Spencer put on a truly fabulous show at our home for my husband's 60th birthday. His magic and humor were truly exceptional. After he left our guests kept raving about his tricks and how much fun they had watching. His sleeves were rolled up the whole time and in front of our eyes, he truly amazed us all! His magic performance truly kicked off the night to be a very special one! We could not have had a better magic performance or entertainer. I highly recommend Spencer for his remarkable magic talent, his humor that kept us laughing, his professionalism in communicating ahead of time and true ease of working with.

Phyllis (via Google)

“Spencer came to entertain at our family’s party in Monterey. It was a last minute decision so we were happy Spencer was so accommodating with his schedule! The show was so cool! He had us amazed with his magic, our entire family were raving afterwards! Highly recommend this amazing magic man!

Cheryl (via Google)

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When booking a Magician for your party, your entertainer represents you. Hiring a professional can make all the difference when it comes to a quality experience for both you and your guests. Spencer ensures peace of mind for you while providing your family and friends with something unique they'll remember for years to come. Not only will you be booking Spencer for his amazing illusions and magic, but more importantly, his ability to relate to audiences of all backgrounds. With over 15 years of full time experience, Spencer's party magic is guaranteed to delight, amaze, and baffle the young and young at heart.


The art of magic is a universal language that has the power to connect and relate us to one another. Yes, magic is an exciting and unique style of entertainment, but it can also be a powerful tool used to help break the ice and create a relaxed environment for your guests. The goal is it encourage a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for those in attendance. Let Spencer and his magic be the bridge that connects each one of your guests in a series of fun, lighthearted, and magical moments.


Planning a party of any size can be a daunting task. There are so many important factors that must be attended to including your food, music, activates, and so much more. Spencer works to ensure his services are user friendly and accommodating for both you and your guests. With a streamlined booking process, hiring Spencer will be the easiest part of your planning while simultaneously providing you with exceptional value on the day of your party. Worry less and enjoy more knowing that your friends and family are receiving the highest quality of entertainment.


Still have Questions? Spencer always encourages new clients to reach out for a no obligation consultation to discuss your upcoming event. Spencer will explain the different entertainment options, walk you through what the day of will be like, and finally, create a personalized quote so you have everything you need to make an informed decision. 

Providing an unforgettable experience for parties of all occasions. Contact Spencer today to inquire about availability and pricing. 

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